Saturday, August 15, 2009


These series of 23 things has taken me on a technology tour. I have not only learned about how computer work but also about patrons and their needs in the library.I have become more open to clicking on links, I once thought or unuseful and SCARY. The connection to computers and patrons and networking is an effictive way libraries expands towards the community!!!
I have done tons of reading and learing, this was very challenging and exciting too.
I came into this not knowing how to turn on a computer and am ending with a basic knowledge about social networking ,blogs and instant messaging- all very COOL STUFF


The library I work for is small but growing rapidly...
I have observed patrons who almost always use TWITTER and FACE BOOK and MY SPACE, which is the most common among the young pepole.When it comes to children the like to view game sites like, they are entertained all day. For the older bunch its alot harder for them if they are not too computer savy,they ask frequent quetions about documents being noterized on WORD and how do I check my emails???


Podcast is neat in the ways that allow tours of libraries and storytelling!!!
I like how it allows you to edit your voice before posting.
It could become a required thing for new members to have to listen to rules of the library before reciving thier cards.I feel like kids are not taught by thier parents how to properly behave in a library and I think the podcast could be benifical to librarians who constanly have to repeat the rules...NO RUNNING.....NO DRINKS.....NO CELL PHONES....NO SPANKING....NO TEARING PAGES OUT....NO PLAYING HIDE -N- GO -SEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like u tube...a person can get stuck watching all the videos and short shows!!!

I think U tube can help the library in many ways.

For one, I feel it's terribly hard to get young people to focus on one thing for a long period of time.On u tube it would be easy to give reviews on current materails and new items on shelf.
There could be a breif recording in the library about the newest book and a brief summary.I think this would inspire young people to visit thier local libraries more frequently and check out items.


I'm not to fimilar with microsoft office.I like the idea of by passing the need to have to purchase software and the time it takes to load to the computer.
-FREE is my fravorite word
I plan to have my own business one day so I feel google doc can benifit me tremendously.

THING 18------- WIKI***

One of the topics I searched was climate was intresting when i checked the history on the article that showed up!!!
The information given was very opinionative but I found it useful .
I'm still alil' confused how this applys to the library directly... it was fun though and I liked this better than Thing17~

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Thing 17 is uploaded with tons of information.
I rate its quality at a medium level,I picked topics like:
Harry Potter,Roses and Obama!!!
I read that Lib worm only returns results that come from select RSS feeds that focus on libraries and related topics but when searching the word Obama the first two articles applied to him directly,and as I continued to read I came across plenty of post that had nothing to do with Obama what so ever or libraries.For example I learned that JESSICA BEIL is a more sought out celebrity,acquiring a higher rank than Obama or Michell.